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Interview whit Lepidus Plague (Kommodus)

Good evening followers, this time I bring a new interview, this time with Lepidus Plague, the only member of Kommodus, a project from Australia which presents us with a sound that sounds good enough to listen to in its first demo released this year. Remember if any of you have any band or project and would like a little support through the blog leave some message in the blog chat. Without more to say, I leave the interview and remember to support this good project and any other that you have liked. Hails.

My first question for the interview would be the following: what was your inspiration to create Kommodus?

Catharsis and necessity. I got to a point in my life where my back was against the wall and I was truly fucked up. I needed to expunge my bitterness, misanthropy and self-loathing. Writing punishing aggressive music seemed the appropriate solution. Kommodus is further an avenue to channel and explore my ancestry and romanticism of the ancient world with dark fantasy and reverie.

What were the bands that inspired you to create that raw sound that many Black Metal lovers like so much?(apart from Burzum band of which you made an excellent cover of "War")

The revered crop of 90’s Scandinavian bands. USBM – Leviathan and Judas Iscariot. Fellow Australian, Drowning the Light.  And recent groups – Byyrth and Blood Tyrant.

What was your inspiration for the lyric of Kommodus lyrics?

My heritage and bloodline, eroding sanity, and imaginings of a more ideal world – past, present, and future.

What are the future projects you have with Kommodus?

I have two further releases planned at this point and I’m in the process of writing and recording those.

I would like you to tell the blog followers how they can support this project that in my opinion has enough potential to continue doing good things within the scene?

You can support by listening/ downloading/ purchasing a cassette at:

Leaving a bit off the subject I would like you to tell me a bit about the scene of your country

I’m not invested in any scene, but never say never. 

And if you like to add something else, feel free to do it

If you’re a creative person, then let yourself be so.

Ave Kommodus. V.V.V.

Well just left to thank Lepidus Plague for taking the time to answer these questions, remember to visit Bandcamp to hear this good demo and if they can buy it they will not regret it. Greetings and keep your heart black and rotten.

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