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Revelation None

Revelation None - Flooded Space

Well to start the United States special, I will share a small article about Revelation None, I know this is new in the blog but it's not all about downloading music, it's also about supporting those bands that are looking for an alternative space to social networks to promote their projects or tell us more about them.

Revelation None started in 2006 but took a long time to get off the ground with Myrdin as the only consistent member of the band. For the year 2013 is released his first single titled "The Forest of Tihom".

For the next releases "Rituals of the Flesh" (Demo 2014) and "Awaiting the Doctrine" (EP 2015 this one under the label of Tiamat Productions same that produces the other projects of Revenant) it will count on the collaboration in the voices of Revenant (Black Candle Ritual, Moloch and Blackmoon Spells), Revenant is now not an active member.

From the moment of departure of Revenant, the band would again be a project of a single man and releasing 4 singles in the current year "Storming the Heavens (Warfare)", "Illumination of the Damned", "He Who Rests in the Earth" and "Innermost Anguish".  

Well, who better than Myrdin himself to tell us about Revelation None. I was in contact recently with him and this is what he told me about his project (which is pretty good in my opinion):

"Revelation None started in 2006 but took a long time to get off the ground. I have been the only consistent member since its creation. Revenant of Black Candle Ritual, Moloch and Blackmoon Spells (all his one man band projects) lended vocals on "The Rituals of the Flesh" and "Awaiting The Doctrine" cds after meeting while i was on a local college radio show that i co-hosted about black metal. he tuned in to the program and immediately wanted to talk more about my project. since those two releases i have assumed vocal duties on my long awaited full length cd. Revenant is now not an active member but may come in and out of the band in the future. anything is possible. I am making talks with other members of bands locally to bring revelation None to the stage and become a live band. no further details at this moment. Revelation None started as an avenue for my real feelings that i keep inside. At the time of its birth i was recording others music that had nothing to do with metal and i felt i was losing who i was, it also was to piss off the musicians i was around at the time. to create music that was against everything that was around me at that time. as i grew as a musician and moved from that place i was in life it became more a project to release all my inner demons. its lyrical ideas contain anti-christian, war, anguish, depression and esoteric thoughts and themes.

My music influences range from: 70s Scorpions, Judas Priest, dark electronic music, Mayhem, Burzum, Dark Fortress, Watain, Darkthrone, Bathory, Motorhead and anything loud rude and dark.

Currently Revelation None has been on break from recording a full length album due to lack of funds and gear. Tragiclly all my gear was stolen. Half of the full length is completed at this time. I tend to keep much of my music to myself and have over 10 hours of finished music in total that i will release slowly over the years. my real baby is the full length i am striving to complete."

Well as I said at the beginning, it's not all about downloading music, here I leave the contacts to Revelation None:



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