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Black Metal Around The World: Under Black Metal Compilation

Black Metal Around The World: Under Black Metal Compilation
Type: Compilation
Country: Various
Genre: Black Metal

Part 1

01.Shatargat - Forest Of Broken Crosses
02.Antro Halaust - Code 667
03.One Tail, One Head - One Tail, One Head
04.Peurs Ancestrales - Sinistre Rodeur Des Ombres
05.Gutha - Lungo Il Sentiero Dell'Odio
06.Zaiumus - Under The Unholy Spells Of Night
07.Lugburz -  Antichrist Age
08.Asag - Es hiess Boule!
09.Plaga - Trby Zagady (Trumpets of Doom)
10.Hoyt - 666
11.Mare - Nachtmahrwalzer - Invocation Of The Succubus
12.Irem - Battle Scene
13.Lord Impaler - Babylon Whore
14.Tyrant - Hell Has Broken Loose
15.Plaggha - Annihilation of the Pillars of Creation
16.Lamia Culta - Люцифер

Part 2

01.Bog of the Infidel - An Epitaph Scribed In Dismal Skies
02.Bog of the Infidel - Burnt Offerings
03.Culto Sacrilego - Christian Slavery
04.Sodom and Gomorrah - The Returned
05.Luciferian Rites - Invoking The Bastard Salvation
06.Anhkrehg - Revelation X
07.Khaos Order - Praise Black Master
08.Magister Dixit - The Stone Has Spoken...
09.Satan - Misa Negra
10.V.A.C.K. - To Honor Our Ancestors
11.Feretro - Nueva Sangre Brota
12.Horrid - Infernal Crucifixion
13.Wind of the Black Mountain - Forcefed Into Blasphemy
14.Satan's Almighty Penis - Empire of the Necromancers
15.Xipe Totec Kalpul - Anahuakayotl

Part 3

01.Nàttsòl - Ved Baal I Kveldstime
02.Fimbulwinter - Servants Of Sorcery
03.Carcharoth - My Father Was A Wolf
04.Khaomega - Tiamat
05.Sauron - Aftermath of Perversion
06.Somrak - Son Of Man - Man Of Sin
07.Bustum - Zaplakalo Nebo Suzama Od Krvi
08.Тьма - Покровитель Вечности
09.Purest - Raven
10.Carcharoth (Hun) - Kalamóna's Winter
11.Vardlokkur - Morituri Te Salutant
12.Navjarmaahr - Ярило
13.Macabre Omen - Voor Donke Zullen We Heersen
14.Syn Ze Sase Tri - Vatra Stramoseasca
15.The Eye - The Call Of A Thousand Souls

Part 4

01.Crocell - Intro
02.Crocell - Abrazado por la Muerte
03.Lamentos Ancestrales - Sacrificio A Satanas
04.Sepulchral Throne - Eternally Buried
05.Hellscourge - God Of Mediocrity
06.Ancestor - From the Heights to the Abyss
07.Nahual - Sigilla Diaboli (Diabolous)
08.Dies Irae - Hijos Del Averno
09.Blood And Disaster - Armagedon
10.Opus Diaboli - IS in flames
11.Imperial - Sadistic Proclamation
12.Infierno - Obediencia a Satanas
13.Mortigor - Noche Carmesi
14.Vultos Vociferos - Algoz de Deus
15.Odo'Sha - Hekula
16.Horda 666 - A Tocha Diante Das Espadas
17.Luctus Hydra - Satanista
18.Vampiria - Ambassador Of Morning (Salve Luxfer)
19.Bael - Noche Gris

Part 5

01.Avsolutized... - Det Tysta Fallet
02.Avsolutized... - Utan Död
03.Heathen Beast - Contaminating The Ganges
04.Immortal Seth - Seth Of The Desert
05.Ekove Efrits - A Dream Beyond The Oceans
06.Amelnakru - Dark Nature
07.Seth E - The One Man War
08.Antim Grahan - Forever Winter
09.Infernal Nature - Pessimism
10.Heathens - The Return
11.Warkvlt - Dethroned Hypocrite Emperor
12.Deggial - Vomit upon All Holyness
13.Belligerent Intent - The Left Hand of Sacrifice
14.Infernal Execrator - Extirpate Messiah Supremus
15.蚩尤 - 血潮
16.Nechbeyth - Superiority Apex
17.Nechbeyth - Outroblivion

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